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Gaian Mindset November 16, 2007


“Gaia is a complex entity involving the Earth’s biosphere, atmosphere, oceans and soil; the totality constituting a feedback or cybernetic system which seeks an optimal physical and chemical environment for life on this planet.” ~James Lovelock




I’ll be using this page to keep all y’all updated on anything and everything flora, fauna, atmospheric, biospheric, clean, green, and, unfortunately the antithesis of all these things, too.

Joe Rogan was a guest on Jim Breuer’s Sirius radio show where he discussed DMT, dreams, and the role humans play on this planet. Joe says, “It’s easily the weirdest interview I’ve ever done, and definitely the most interesting.”

Words by Joe Rogan
Music by Shpongle
Music Remixed & Visuals added at Gnostic Media


I think this is a brilliant idea… one of those little ways you can help from your office cubicle or while sitting around at home meaninglessly.

Basically, it’s a multiple-choice vocabulary game- for every correct answer you get, 20 grains of rice are donated to the United Nations World Food Program. Since there are so many half-arsed governments about the place, and so many people who can’t or won’t do anything except complain about the hideous socio-political situation the world has worked itself into, I think that a few minutes of this whenever the time is available is THE LEAST anyone could do!


Coming Ecological Collapse: Failing Ecosystems the Mother of
All Bubbles

The converging mortgage, financial, food, fuel and climate
crises are all symptoms of a massive global ecological bubble

Earth Meanders by Dr. Glen Barry,
April 11, 2008

Ecological overshoot whereby humanity exceeds the Earth’s
carrying capacity is the mother of all “bubbles”. Within the
current sub-prime mortgage and financial bubbles, and food and
energy price increases, we are witnessing the logical and
inevitable economic consequences of over-population, resource
scarcity, inequitable and unreasonable consumption, and
unsustainable economic growth. Growth and livelihoods based
upon unreasonable presumptions of continued resource outputs
from dwindling ecosystems is a dangerous, unprecedented
“ecological bubble” that threatens civilization and mass
apocalyptic death.

The global growth machine is seizing up because it is hitting
ecological limits, and as a result of its own greed. Clearly
the addition of a billion more people every decade and a half,
physical limits upon arable land and fossil fuels — as well
as exceeding the atmosphere’s waste absorption capacity and
minimum amount of intact terrestrial ecosystems necessary to
power the biosphere — are together severely negatively
impacting economies and individual’s well-being.

The economic slowdown is painful for many families. I
personally share economic anxieties associated with the
mortgage bubble popping. We are all finding it harder to pay
the mortgage, buy food and fuel, and enjoy some special
luxuries. Yet all bubbles burst — be they historically for
tulips in Holland or property in Japan — and you deal with
the underlying causes or you suffer further. I believe
strongly that there should be no bailout of high flying
bankers, home flippers, or people that took out mortgages they
cannot afford. Wall Street fat cats that created the mortgage
backed security Ponzi scheme should go to jail.

Endless Growth Impossible in a Finite World

Yet this economic cooling may also offer a welcome respite to
reconsider the growth at any cost madness devouring the
Earth’s life giving ecosystems, and which threatens to
impoverish and kill many or all of us. It is essential that we
look at the far deeper ecological roots to this economic
crisis, and their foretelling of related environmental
bubbles. The ongoing biofuel scam, using first food and soon
trees as fuel to supposedly avert climate change, shows the
potential for ill-conceived climate change responses to
increase land pressures, food prices and negatively impact
economies. These sorts of macro ecological/economic
connections are examined further here.

Humans seem to always want more, even when there is none, or
achieving it diminishes the future. A colleague recently
pointed out to me that there may be a genetic component,
expressed sub-consciously, to humanity’s expansionist bent
that constantly seeks more, bigger and better human works. And
that there are societal memes that foster and promote this
myth that endless growth and expansion in population,
consumption and resource use at the expense of ecological
habitats is possible. For a few hundred years the western
economic model of markets and growth that builds upon these
human proclivities has created wealth while wreaking havoc
upon peoples, societies and ecosystems.

Growth in economies, human populations and resources accessed
by destroying ecosystems is a disease upon the living Earth.
The malignant growth machine turns ecosystems into resources
and then into financial investment papers and consumption. A
year later the consumer products are in the landfill, the
paper wealth may be further over-priced or just scrap paper,
and there are both fewer resources and ecosystems — but
always more people. The ability to live well based upon long-
term steady-state interdependence with intact, healthy
ecosystems and their natural capital is lost forever.

The Mortgage Bubble: Destroying Our Habitat to Build Homes

The mortgage bubble is a case is point. In America and many
other over-developed countries the size of new homes grew and
amenities seemed to know few limits. Each had to have
restaurant quality kitchens, hardwood floors, multi-car
garages, track lighting, and other seemingly endless
conspicuous consumption to denote social class. Each
represents the unsustainable consumption of resources from
ecosystems, and requires continued intensive inputs to
maintain. Most such development requires extensive automobile
travel, sprawl into native ecosystems, and energy that will
not be there in the future.

These extravagant McMansions are the epitome of everything
wrong with “modern” society, industrial capitalism, and
demonstrates our detachment from Earth, whose habitats are our
true home. This more at any expense economy that knows no
limits and has no concept of enough is responsible for our
current economic downturn and is literally killing our future
economic and ecological prospects. Can those that believe in
markets and capitalism not entertain any limits upon the size
and resource use intensity of our homes? Does anyone see the
connection between more people using more resources to build
large homes, leading to less farmland and overuse of limited
energy, resulting in food and energy price hikes?

In the mortgage bubble, we are seeing the first signs of many
wholly ecological bubbles to come. The world is not only at
peak oil, but well past peak water, land, climate, oceans,
food and energy in general. Rising food prices are the front
edge of the food bubble — a result of over-population,
climate change, water shortages and land scarcity. The climate
bubble has already begun to burst –- it is too late to return
to the relatively stable set of climate patterns with which we
evolved — but failure to stabilize emissions as early as
possible will bring far worse. And perhaps most ominously, and
by extension of the food and climate bubbles, we are facing a
deadly water bubble that is already disrupting societies and
may prove insurmountable.

Ecological Bubbles and a New Global Dream

These ecological bubbles are partly responsible for the
current economic downturn, and unless addressed now, they are
certainly going to soon fully burst with calamitous impacts in
their own right upon societal and individual well-being. The
American dream which has been embraced by the world — based
upon a sub-conscious urge to expand our dominance over nature
and always, forever have more of everything, with constant
societal pressure to do so — will have to give way to a more
organic, ecologically-cognizant reality of living simply but
well within ecological limits. Sadly for many, but a blessing
for the Earth System and the not super rich, the whole world
cannot live an over-consumptive super-sized lifestyle without
destroying being.

It is time for a new global dream. The new dream would include
aspiring that all have their basic needs met, even as
individuals are free to pursue their passions and fortunes, as
long as they do not undermine common ecological systems. Such
a dream seeks to avert apocalyptic ecological and societal
collapse through promotion of a sense of personal enoughness,
voluntary simplicity and a whole range of necessary
fundamental changes in society such as ending the use of coal
and logging of ancient forests.

One thing is clear — more unbridled growth based upon
unsustainable resource use will not solve the global
ecological problems associated with unbridled growth and
unsustainable resource use. The human enterprise and each
global citizen’s consumption aspirations must be downsized to
a scale appropriate to ecosystem limits. Or the Earth herself
— as it turns out, with the assistance of the human created
economic system — will do so brutally.

The industrial resource and illusory financial binge must end
if we are to reverse the destruction, and begin the
restoration, of the biosphere, its component ecosystems, and
their ability to provide natural capital upon which to base a
steady-state economy. It is time to get back to making honest,
good livings from actually making or doing something of
societal value, by making a living with the land and Earth,
and that does not depend upon liquidating ecological being and
financial speculation.

As the economic bubble deflates we might as well get on with
finding a way to live simply, sustainably, equitably and
justly with the Earth and each other. Because when the water,
food and climate bubbles fully burst — we are going to need
each other, and to be ready.

Dr. Barry is founder and President of Ecological Internet;
provider of the largest, most used environmental portals on
the Internet including the Climate Ark at and http://www.EcoEarth.Info/ .
Earth Meanders is a series of ecological essays that are
written entirely in his personal capacity. This essay may be
reprinted granted it is properly credited to Dr. Barry and
with a link to Earth Meanders.



Firstly, let me start by saying Ayahuasca is not something to be experimented or played with. It will reveal things that make you extremely uncomfortable. I personally believe that in the long-run the revelations induced by both the comforts and discomforts of the experience far outweigh the “realtime” experience itself.

A painting by Pablo Amaringo, arguably the world’s best known “Ayahuasca Artist

I have tried Ayahuasca on three occasions, and each has left me a profoundly different person. There are VERY DEEP lessons to be learned from “the Vine of the Soul“, which I don’t think I can even begin to recount or explain!!!

Ayahuasca or Yage is an entheogenic brew derived from Banisteriopsis caapi and Psychotria viridis, often consumed with various forms of jungle tobacco such as Nicotiana rustica.

A video of Ayahuasca preparation, thanks to Neurosoup

The brew takes the better part of a day to make. In order to get yourself prepared, I’ve found it best to “whistle while you work“. Traditionally the curandero preparing the brew would sing, hum, chant and perform various breathing exercises known collectively as Icaros. These work several ways, imparting your energies or breathes into the brew, vocalising the energies of the plant spirits being brewed, announcing your presence and intent to both the “terrestrial” and spirit worlds and uniting and pacifying the healer and the patient.

More Ayahuasca YouTube’s here.

I’d prefer not to talk about or pass judgments on the nature of the experience after ingestion. It is an extremely confronting experience, and the “psycho-spiritual” effects are long-term (currently ongoing in my case). I would like to be able to say “everyone should try it” but the reality is that Ayahuasca is probably NOT for everybody, for the simple reason that some people would not, in my opinion, be able to integrate their discoveries and revelations into their routine life. It is definitely not something for the faint of heart and rightfully so- it appears to reserve and reveal itself more readily and effectively to the desperate and the brave.

As the Ayahuasca begins to take effect, everything, animate and inanimate begins to “come to life”, although it is also clearly apparent what “real-alive” things are and what “hallucinating-alive” things are. Complex geometrical interactions give everything a sense of inter-connectedness and seem to represent a potent visual/vibrational life-force acting through everything. Some symbols that are commonly revealed in Ayahuasca visions are snakes, felines (many get primitive cats rather than jaguars), radiant beings (usually understood to be “angels” or interdimensional rather than extra-terrestrial beings), spirit-sparks or auras of life-forms. Shamans are able to locate creatures and people across vast physical distances by seeking out their spark in the spirit world. The ultra-gifted or experienced are able to effectively heal, curse and interact in other ways by this means and there are even some that speak of time-travel.

A Cognitive-Psychological Study of Ayahuasca
reprinted as a public service from the Bulletin of the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies
MAPS – Volume 7 Number 3 Summer 1997
to the MAPS Home Page

Here is a list of Ayahuasca trip-reports:

“Sick as Dogs”: Coloured fractal energy: Ontological Meltdown: Flying with friends: …more from Lycauem

The Lion Hunt: Old Woman of the Jungle: Thoroughly Life Changing: Enlightenment? No Thank You!: …more from Erowid


Apes in the wild have language and it takes only a small leap of imagination to try to give them a second, human, language. For over forty years researchers have been trying to do this with increasingly good results. Our language, when it is passed on to a different species, becomes a new language. PrimatePoetics is born from the realization that this language should be appreciated in its own right, as the greatest revolution in literature since the invention of written Chinese 4000 years ago. ‘PrimatePoetics is Here’ is the first primer to this new field. It explains where it comes from, it gives an overview of the field on an ape-by-ape basis and closes with an extensive anthology of relevant scientific and artistic sources. But most of all ‘PrimatePoetics is Here’ hopes to give a feel for the outsider charm of the language of the apes.


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