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TIBET:TheTruth May 2, 2008

A few YouTubes on the Tibet/China/Rest of the World situation…


2 Responses to “TIBET:TheTruth”

  1. marranci Says:

    Since the revolt in Tibet, the majority of the mass media (with few exceptions) have based their reports of the Tibetan uprising through the lens of such a stereotype and their myopia of the reality of Tibet. The stories report the revolt principally as a struggle for independence from the oppressive power of China which started in October 1950. Surely, there is some truth in this. But the mass media, as unfortunately academics, and even anthropologists specialised in Tibetan Buddhism, have hidden what I call the ‘dark ethnic side’ of the revolt. I have tried to explain this in my last post

    Best wishes

  2. feralbrown Says:

    Hi Marranci,
    Thanks for letting me know… I’ll check out your post right now!

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