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Bass Bonanza!!! February 25, 2008

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Well, I’ve been plugging away pretty hard at the Go For Gold Fest, and have been beginning to feel a little lackluster and sorry for myself having to miss out on parties, catching up with mates etc.

All of a sudden, WOMP outta nowhere, I was notified of some serious sluntbizniss going down at almost exactly the places I have to be on those days!!!

4th Quadrant are very proud to present Therapy Sessions Sydney with Dylan and Limewax. By far the two most prolific producers in their game step up for a night of pure savagery and mayhem.

Twisted basslines fucked up samples and drums.

Local support from, 4th Quadrant and LSDJ.

9pm till 5am

$25 – from – Moshtix outlets – and the Gaelic.

and then…

After massive shows over the last few months featuring the likes of Pinch, Caspa, Vex’d and DJ Distance, VOID returns in March showcasing the best in dubstep, grime and underground beats.

March 7th will pay special attention to the sounds of UK Grime whilst bringing you the usual freshest and newest sounds in Dubstep. On the decks sees the likes of Mark Pritchard, Semper Fi, Victim, Garage Pressure, Twitch and Southern Steppa’s Kodama, coming at you through the bass pressure of the infamous Hijack sound system.

After his recent mix showcase as Harmonic 313 for BBC Radio’s Breezeblock, Mark Pritchard is back with a rare set of Grime dubplates and various other unheard Dubstep sounds. Likewise, Garage Pressure and local producer Twitch come with a truckload of unheard tunes and local production that is set to blow up internationally this year.

Local producer and DJ, Semper Fi, turns heads where ever he plays with wicked skills and tune selections, one of the best selectors in town. Victim and Kodama round off another heavy line-up, with special sets of oldschool Grime and hardcore UK beats.

VOID – sounds you won’t hear anywhere else. March 7th. Get in…

another honorable mention that I wish I could get to is…

Sydney’s underground electronic music scene joins the fight against Africa’s orphan epidemic by hosting a fundraising concert on the 15th March at Sydney University’s Hermann’s Bar. The charity event Dub for No La Che will unite some of Australia’s top dubstep, dub, reggae, jungle and hip hop DJ’s & Producers, with all proceeds going directly to the La No Che orphanage in Tanzania.
Since commencement in 2003, the La No Che Orphanage & Youth Camp has provided a home for children of Tanzania who have been orphaned by disease. La No Che offers them shelter, education, food, medical supplies and, most importantly, love – something no child should do without. But with an appeal for more funds, Sydney’s underground music scene has become an unlikely ally.

Last year Melbourne hosted two massive charity events, raising around $10,000 in donor funds. While organizer Jess White is now currently in Tanzania volunteering at the orphanage, those remaining in Sydney are using their passion for music to fundraise for the same cause.

Dub for La No Che line up includes Mark Pritchard from Warp Records UK and Sonar Kollektiv, Sub Bass Snarl, Bec Paton and Somefreak from 2SER Radio, Basslines, Lorna Clarkson and Garage Pressure from FBI Radio, Victim from Void/Dubstep, Westernsynthetics from Sub Continental Dub records, Southern Steppa DJ’s, Sakura from the Collective, Double Robin and Insurgent from DSS and Firehouse Crew. The event goes from 8pm to 3am and tickets can be purchased on the door for $15.

The organizers are hoping to raise more than $3500 on the night, and all proceeds from the concert will go directly to purchasing the materials and employing local builders to help build La No Che orphans & youth camp a permanent home.


10 Responses to “Bass Bonanza!!!”

  1. Johnson MaCrobert - Director of LaNoChe Orphans and Youth Camp Kibaha in Tanzania Says:


    I am very disappointed with this advertising for LaNoChe Orphans and Youth camp kibaha, I personal a director and a founder of LaNoChe orphans and Youth camp kibaha in Tanzania.

    I am wondering who organize this concerts? and where the money go or be in deposited? and who giving you the permission in using our name to have all of this funds? we do know anything about.

    Please respond direct to my email. otherwise we are LaNoChe we will take all of your information to Interpol Police and Australian Embassy in Nairobi for further action.


    Johnson MaCrobert – Director of LaNoChe in orphans and Youth camp in Tanzania

  2. feralbrown Says:

    Hi Johnson,
    I am sorry to hear you are disappointed. I have presented all of the information regarding the concert I have. I am in no way affiliated with it, I just felt that it was good music being presented for a good cause and decided to help spread the word.
    Why are you disappointed, Johnson?

  3. Johnson MaCrobert Says:

    Dear Roger,

    Sorry you are asking us this question (Why are you disappointed, Johnson?) Yes I am disappointed because some people are using us for their personal interest and benefits? Or because we are poor Africans or what?

    We real so mad for this things and we will see! I understand that u do know nothing with this concert but this is the second time of music concerts be running in Australia and possible are more many, I sent my email direct to the bands to stop doing this but still they never be back to me or respond to us like you did thank you so much Mr. Roger and their still doing concerts! Why???, I will send to you more information Relax! And see how I can do for them! View this website below

    Even the email contact their using is not ours this one here

    with a lot of things around here!


    Johnson MaCrobert Director of lanoche tanzania

  4. feralbrown Says:

    Dear Johnson,
    Thank you for your response. I really don’t like seeing people use the name of a good cause for personal benefit. I will spread the word that these concerts are illegitimate. If there is anything else I can do to help from Australia, please let me know.


  5. Johnson MaCrobert Says:

    Dear Roger

    Thank you so much we all are very sad about this, but we are far and we feel that nothing we can do to them.

    Please if you can help us to have a contact Lawyer from Australia this will be real appreciated we can discuss about the whole matter I hope things will be solved! You can not believe that they just manage to open even the Bank account with our name in Australia this is shame!

    Please if anyone read this article and willing to unite with us please be in touch to let all of this violation be stopped in this world! So many people now taking advantage to have money from other donors/People, and telling them that they are trying to help poor or orphans in Africa or Asia and this is not true because they make MORE and spend out LOW! The rest they spend themselves.

    Thank you so much and let all of us be in touch through this website and if you know other Australia website that we can use please feel free with.

    Looking to hear from you and anyone soon again


    Johnson MaCrobert. Director LaNoChe Orphans and Youth Camp Kibaha.

  6. feralbrown Says:

    Hi Johnson,
    I will see what I can do for you.
    I know of a few sites that listed this concert. Perhaps they may be able to put you in contact with whoever is responsible for these concerts.
    I will email this information to you but lease feel free to continue talking to me here as this may help more people to get the message.


  7. […] contacted by Mr. Johnson MaCrobert of the La No Che Orphanage and Youth Camp in Tanzania regarding a post in this blog, which advertised the “Dub for La No Che” […]

  8. Johnson MaCrobert Says:

    Dear Roger,

    Thank you again! I hope people will see it and share with us! Thanks a Lot!


  9. Johnson MaCrobert Says:


    Blue King Brown band from Australia they have been used too for the consert fundrising with our name, I send a coupe of emails to Carols that I think is the one who are responsible with the Band etc to discuss with, but I don know why he did not discuss anything with us as we are LaNoChe Orphans and Youth Camp Kibaha through his email contact below,

    Please view this website below it looks so many people there are still involving with our name in Australia for now! but we will see how it will be the end! so bad to us! we never have any information direct from them.


  10. feralbrown Says:

    Hi Johnson,
    It’s the least I can do… I hope it helps!

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