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Sing the Storm, Sing the Rainbow December 21, 2007

Sterioevo has been kind enough to pop up another bit of audio-fiddling that I did… I think I actually completed this track almost a year ago, but haven’t really unleashed it on many people yet. I’m quite proud of it… it definately does what I wanted it to… you’ll have to listen (preferably with decent headphones) to see what I mean!

It is quite the arcane/science/musical synthesis… I studied up on binaural entrainment, effects of resonant frequencies and used a bit of *forbidden knowledge* to identify a useful cleansing ceremony (most shamanic audio cleansings you come across are not very effective, for a number of reasons that I’ll outline in a proper essay sometime)

So, anyway, I settled on an entire ceremony by a pair of Shipibo shamen, which is suitably abstract (precise healing and ritualistic Icaros would not have been useful to a wider audience.) It begins with the initial breathes of the leader (Matteo) considerably amplified and resonated, and… well… escalates from there. This form of ceremony is known as an “Icaro” (power song). I’ll do more shit on Icaros some other time…

The other thing that makes this track work is my use of binaural beat entrainment techniques. The track is designed to essentially set up a mild sleep pattern frequency (oscillating Theta frequencies) that doesn’t actually put you to sleep, but puts your mind into that dreamstate. Most of the “insectoid” noises in there, as well as the regularity of some sound-structures are designed to force your brain into a desired state, and then cause it to fluctuate subtly according to the point in the Icaro. This only really works effectively through headphones and when approached in a relaxed state.

Theta has been observed to be correlated with different behaviors and different states of consciousness: including learning (Seppo, 1995), problem solving (Crawford, 1994 Laukka, 1995 Matsuoka, 1991), meditation (zen, transcendental etc.)(Wallace, 1972), REM sleep, mental imagery, verbal and spatial reasoning tasks, hypnosis, laughter, tobacco withdrawal (Herning, 1983) and during drug induced euphoria (alcohol, nitrous oxide, helium during diving related compression)(Matsuoka, 1991).

There’s a fairly detailed page on brainwave and cymatic frequencies here.

Click the image to go to the track

(generously hosted by

Sing the Storm, Sing the Rainbow

So, after all the maths, research and so-on that went into this little number, I’d love to hear what everyone thinks!

As Steve and I are providing this to all of you for free, if you feel it’s worth anything, I’d prefer a donation to go to the aid of the Shipibo-Conibo Indians and their place in the world. (click here for details)


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