The Chapel Feralous


GETCHA FREAK AAWN!!! December 1, 2007

Filed under: art,friends,music,party!,psychedelics — feralbrown @ 12:36 pm

Just a reminder to all youze slack kundts to get your Freakreation tickets ASAP… just got mine in the mail… sent away a money order due to the shortage of financial institutions in these parts, and it actually worked out cheaper than getting them from OzTix (only by about 5 bucks, but still…) Either way you go, HURRY… the ticket prices are increasing VERY shortly!!!

Due to a pile of physical and mental strains I had to miss out last year, and, according to EVERYONE it was one of the most smashing shindigs in quite some time… I’ve been keeping an eye on the development of this one, and it promises to be quite the rip-snorter!!! It’s great to see folk actively trying to expand the perceptions of (what I perceive to be) a rapidly stagnating underground culture…

3 Stages, collectively covering psy, d’n’b, dub, electro, breaks, glitch, tech, funk, reggae, chill, ambient and live music… markets, cafes, a cinema, a healing zone, workshops, performance and art installations, a swimming hole and more, MORE, MOAAARRRR!!!




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