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Current UnEarthed Favourites November 30, 2007

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Righto… I think I’m getting my head around all the background details that go into making this bitch tick…

I’m gonna be popping Triple J UnEarthed artists up here as they take my fancy… I’ll shift them to a permanent record on the “Language of Love” page as they accumulate.

Basically, UnEarthed is an initiative of ABC (JJJ in particular) to provide unsigned artists with a bit of an interface with other musicians and the JJJ audience in general. Quite a few “big names” in contemporary Aussie pop/rock owe their success UnEarthed, so I thought I’d just try help some of the worthy acts to get a bit more publicity.

I may know some of the artists that I feature, but I will not feature anyone simply because I know them…

So, without further ado, I present to you:



Greg Dodds from Melbourne is Bleeding Brain Music Inc.  Some great stuff all up in this motherfucker!  This is the kinda sound I’m aiming at- except mind always winds up a bit darker and muddier… 😦  The only disappointment in these tracks are their length… but I reckon he’d rip it up live!
Give it a spin!



Contagion Theory are brothers Jack and Wil Monte, helped out with some guest vox from Jemi White. They hail from MElbourne, Victoria, and THEY ROCK IT!!! Some well-produced electro-metal (not quite industrial) washed and rinsed with a few glitches a squelches for good measure… It’s tricky to pick a favourite out of their offerings, but I think I dig the hip-hop stylings of “A Parody of Rhyme”- it has that DefWishCast kinda feeling to it, as well as a pretty clear touch of NIN circa-Year Zero…





DeeplySilent is Tobi Armbruster from Hobart, Tassie… He produces some awesome soundscapey, downtempo numbers, along the lines of Squarepusher, Funky Porcini and Bonobo…

My favourite would have to be “Figments”.

Check it out, yo!



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